Publishers Weekly review
(June 19, 2006)

Publishers WeeklyMINORITY RULES
Turn Your Ethnicity
Into a Competitive Edge

Kenneth Arroyo Roldan
and Gary M. Stern

From his position as CEO of a top minority recruiting firm and former employment discrimination attorney, Roldan matter-of-factly details the obstacles to the advancement of Hispanic, Asian, African-American and female employees, and the self-defeating behavior that can keep promising managers from rising.

His emphasis is on creating a personalized plan of action based on stellar performance and on building relationships, choosing mentors, networking and mastering corporate politics while outperforming competitors at every rung of the ladder. Intended for ambitious people, these are well constructed and tested lessons, supported by examples from the career paths of prominent executives like Merrill Lynch CEO Stan O'Neal. Roldan also highlights myths and mistakes that are commonly and easily made along the way.... While he targets a specific segment of readers, Roldan's clear-eyed advice on what it takes to succeed in corporate America would benefit a reader of any background.
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Again showing his diversity of talents, Gary Stern has written a number of books on very different topics, from business to sports.

Garden of DreamsStern served as ghostwriter of Garden of Dreams (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2004), a book about Madison Square Garden featuring the photographs of George Kalinsky, the MSG official photographer for 38 years.  He contributed a series of essays based on interviews with Bill Bradley, Marv Albert, Phil Jackson, Billy Crystal, John McEnroe and Susan Lucci for that book.

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Minority RulesStern also co-authored Minority Rules with Kenneth Arroyo Roldan (HarperCollins, September 2006).  This refreshingly honest book offers a blueprint for minorities on the path to success. Forget about affirmative action and discrimination lawsuits leveling the playing field. The only way to win is to get to know the landscape and the rules of the game, from finding the right mentor to mastering the art of networking. Focusing on self-reliance, patience, and, most of all, performance, Roldan and Stern show minorities how to climb to the top jobs —and keep them.

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